3/19  Lily Zhong is awarded a a Summer 2019 SURF award!

3/19 Our undergraduate honors student, Lily Zhong has been awarded the IBACS Undergraduate Research Grant for Spring 2019!

3/19 Check out our new paper describing neuronal cell types within the LHA in Nature Neuroscience!

12/18 Congratulations to Laura Mickelsen who successfully completed her PhD dissertation defense on 12/13/18!!

12/18 Join us for the Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Laura Mickelsen on 12/13/18 at 1pm in TLS 111!

6/18 The Jackson Lab welcomes visiting postdoctoral scholar Jozelia Gomes from the Bittencourt Lab (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

5/18  Jacob Naparstek is awarded the Biology Director’s Award!

4/18 Laura Mickelsen is awarded the Romanow Award!

4/18 Laura Mickelsen is awarded the UConn Graduate Student Mentorship Award!

4/18 Eric Beltrami is awarded a UConn Arnold and Mabel Beckman Scholarship!

3/18 James Costanzo wins a Summer 2018 SURF Award!

12/17 Eric Beltrami is awarded University Scholar!

11/17 Jacob Naparstek wins a Fall 2017 IBACS Undergraduate Fellowship!

9/17 Check out  our new paper  in Journal of Neuroscience!

9/17 Check out our new paper in eNeuro!

8/17 Read about Brock Chimileski‘s research as a Beckman Scholar in UConn Today:                                                                                                                     

5/17 We are excited to be awarded an R01 from the NIMH for our work on cells and circuits in the lateral hypothalamus!

4/17 Brock Chimileski is the co-winner of the Margaret F. Ertman Award!

4/17 Eric Beltrami and Jacob Naparstek win SURF Awards!

2/17 Akie Fujita wins an IBACS Graduate Summer Fellowship Summer 2017!

12/16 Laura Mickelsen wins an IBACS Graduate Fellowship for Spring 2017!

10/16 Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS) Seed Grant awarded!

6/16 Laura Mickelsen wins “Best Student Presentation” Award in PNB!

5/16 Brock Chimileski is UConn’s first Arnold and Mabel Beckman Scholar!

12/15 Brock Chimileski is awarded University Scholar!

10/15 Read about our research in UConn Today

4/15 Miryam Wilson wins the Margaret F. Ertman Award!